Val was a gifted writer. Occasionally when she would write a letter that expressed something she felt was important for me to know she would send me a copy or an excerpt. Here’s a snippet of one I think her loved ones would like to read.

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In December of 2016 a friend wrote to Val asking why she had to go through all of this when she is so good and doesn’t deserve it. Here’s her reply:

I believe that we come to this earth to learn the lessons we need to learn to better serve God and eventually understand how to be the body of Christ, walking this earth as God's hands, mouth, heart all with the hope to be the best servant and steward as possible. The physical desire to live as human required ego and a temporary separation from "All that is". It's like when you see an artist step away from her painting to gain a better understanding of it. Too close to the painting, the artist's perspective is completely different and so a distance or separation is created. This happens when we are born, taken from the womb where we are so close to God and All that is, our world is very different then the world we see once we have distance from the womb. From the moment we first separate we see ourselves as separate, discerning what is us and what is not, who is good and who is bad. Often forgetting that it is all God, that God is in everything. Choice is there for us but God is in each and every choice. Some choices have immediate consequences and some reveal the consequences over time but all of life's choices offer the opportunity for grace to enter. This situation that I am living has offered me a great and wonderful opportunity to grow, shed old patterns, become a kinder, more open and relaxed person and most of all has taught me to have faith, allow love in and let go. I don't know if I would have learned these lessons as deeply without the breaking down of my body. I am very, very hopeful that this trial will help me but equally as excited about the fact that no matter how it goes, the information gathered will help others in the future. It is all very sci-fi and exciting. I started the trial on Tuesday and although there were some rough side effects, in the end it wasn't as tough as they said it would be. I don't know how I will fare after constantly doubling up on the medicine but for now I feel well and the possibility of getting better is there. Prior to this new hope, there was no hope for a person in my situation so I feel very blessed and ready. I will fill you in as time goes by. Sending you lots of love, VAL