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July 30, 2019

Our Dear Community,

Our family could never have expected to be so full of gratitude in the days and weeks following Val's passing: Grateful to God, grateful to Val, and grateful for each of you. I feel like I have been bubble wrapped in your love and prayers.

There are many thank yous to be said. I will do my best to convey to each of you the heartfelt thanks of everyone in our family for the generous outpouring of kind words and deeds in the lead up and wake of Val's passing, but I know I will fall short.

I am still learning of loved ones who attended the funeral Mass and/or memorial reception who I didn't see or have the opportunity to greet. Thank you for being there on the 6th, thank you for being there for my mom in her life, and thank you for being there for our family at this time. There are people whose information I didn't have contact details or for whom I had outdated contact information for. My apologies if the details didn't make it to you in time. If your schedule, distance, or my limited brainpower in the days following Val's death prevented you from being present please know the most significant way to honor Val is by carry on her life work in your own lives.

We are humbled by the donations made to organizations in Val’s honor. Please see a note about that on the In Lieu of Flowers page.

So many people offered their time, talents, prayers and resources to make the Mass, memorial, and this time something that honored Val and buoyed all of us mourners. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Emily & the Costas Family